Selasa, 27 September 2016

Unforgetable Moment

Unforgetable Moment

   Hi guys!now,let me tell you about my unforgetable moment.2 years ago,i and my friends go to Jayagiri Mountain to survey lane for scout activity.When we go to there,Tangkuban Perahu Mountain was active,so actually we afraid that mountain will eruption,cause if Tangkuban Perahu was eruption Jayagiri Mountain will exposed to the eruptions.But we try to have positive thinking that we will fine and nothing will happened to us.

   At 08.00 AM we start to explore the mountain.Actually we should follow the route to go to the middle of mountain.But,we choose to search new route that go to Belanda Cave.In the forest of the mountain we have singing together and doing some funny things,then we break sometimes to eat.

   In the middle of route to Belanda Cave,we have realized that the map not complete,so we panic and don't know what we must to do.Then,my friends was said to quite and try to search the handler of the forest,then we found the handler of the forest so we ask him to show the route to Belanda Cave.After we walk too long time,we found Belanda Cave,so we are be thankful to the handler of the forest.Then we explore the cave,there is very dirty and haunted.After we take some photos there,we go to down the mountain.

   But we forget to ask the route to down the mountain.So we trying to down the mountain by our instinct.But we get lost,we trying to calm down ourself and pray to Allah to save us.Suddenly in the trip we hear something "DUARR" like Tangkuban Perahu was erupted,so we ran faster because we realized that was a sounds from Tangkuban Perahu.Because we was very very panic at all,my friends trying to use Google Maps and we shock to know that we are in the Subang area because Subang is so far from Jayagiri Mountain and we get lost in the forest that no one people there except us.We don't know what we must to do,we just walking without direction and just follow our instinct.After we walk so far,we hear "DUARR" that sounds again and we run so fast until my shoes was broken.

   Then,after we walk for hours we hear a dangdut song and we think if we follow that voice we will go to some village.And we correct that we found some village and break in the one of villagers's house.The villagers said that we are in  the Subang,so we get shock to hear that and we ask her what we must to do if we want to go to Bandung.And she said we must walk 6 km to get to the highway,after take a rest we go to the highway and go to Lembang Terminal by some car,then in Lembang Terminal we ride public transportation to go home.

  That is my unforgetable experience,that make me so stressed or scared.And i feel my leg seemed like a broken leg because we walk approximately 15 km hehe.yeah,that's about my unforgetable moment.Thanks for reading,bye.


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