Selasa, 20 September 2016



   Megantara is a cultural festival presented by SMAN 3 Bandung in 2016. There are many important things concerning culture of Indonesia that we know or learned there,start  from traditional games,traditional clothes,etc.
   Events are organized very educational and funny of course,start from “Parade” where we wear traditional clothes and walking around the city,puppet show,traditional dancing,traditional music like rampak sekar who played sunda music,etc.
   And i think it’s so interested and usefull,why? Because we can enjoyed our culture and know our culture.Now,so many people forget their cultures right?so,at this event we expected that the next generation to know our culture.Ok,that’s my opinion about MEGANTARA.

   Now,let me tell you about my experience at MEGANTARA.Actually My committee is part of the operating funds,but at the day of MEGANTARA i became logistics.Although tired that’s the funny experience and i will never forget it,because we can learn how to cooperation by team.That’s all from me,so many thing i want to tell you but that’s too long to be written hahaha.So,thanks for reading.

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