Sabtu, 17 September 2016

My self


   Hello everyone,my name is Spika Virginia Pulcherima but you can call me Spika.Some people said that my name was strange,but i'm so proud about my name cause i think the meaning of my name was beautiful.

   I was born in Bandung,19 August 2001.At my last birthday i'm very happy that my classmate was suprise me and then i met my bestfriend from Tarbak,i'm so happy to met him,cause now he is very busy so we rarely meet.

  Let's talk about my hobby! my hobby is singing,cause if i sing i can express my feeling and singing can make me forget about my problem.So,i think music is my life.because the world without music is boring.My second hobby is be alone in a quite place,maybe some people said my hobby was strange.but,i very very love it.
   Yeah,that's some fact about me,i can't tell you all about my self beacuse that is too long to be written hahahaha,Thanks for reading,bye.

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