Minggu, 02 Oktober 2016

Student Leadership Training

Student Leadership Training

   Hi everyone! Now,i want to tell you about my experience on Student Leadership Training.A few days ago i was go to RINDAM Siliwangi to have Student Leadership Training.

   First day,so many people shock that we must fast and discipline.But,not for me because i have do Student Leadership Training at my junior high school,so i feel ordinary hehe.So many lesson there to learn start from discipline,brave,etc.

   I think i'm so lucky cause i have learn from Student Leadership Training that i must be stronger,brave,dicipline,etc.And from someone who give me motivation,Kang Gun Gun ,i have some principle and goals for my future. At last,i want to thankful to my teacher,army,and my senior actually,cause they was take the time to educate me.

    That is my experience,Thanks for reading although this article is not important haha,see you guys!

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