Selasa, 17 Januari 2017


   During the holidays,i'm not going to any place.I'm just spend my time at home doing some activity like watching the movie or korean drama.I'm watching korean drama like "Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo" that some people know the actor who act at that drama was handsome i think,his name is Nam Joo Hyuk.The picture below above Nam Joo Hyuk.

Nam Joo Hyuk

    And then,activity that i do during holiday is went to mall like PVJ,BIP,TSM,etc.At mall i was shopping,ate,going to game master,karaoke,etc.But actually my goals went to mall is i want to culinary.

   Then,during my holiday i was busy of my practicing on Tiloe's Theatre,that is my extracurricular on SMAN 3 Bandung.I went to school and practicing at the new hall to perform cabaret on some event to celebrate teacher days,the event called Nagabonar.At that cabaret i was act to be someone who
coquettish,supercilious,and act like a queen be at that cabaret.Although,the practicing was make me so tired but i'm happy because the practicing was funny.

During practice
      On my holiday,i watched basketball team from SMAN 3 Bandung play at PASAGA.PASAGA was far from my home.So,i was lost for a minute.i watched that turnament with joyce,she is my senior.Actually i come to PASAGA just want to watched my bestfriend.
Foto Spika Virginia.
   So,that is some activity i do during my about your holiday?can you tell me?by the way,thanks for reading this post.I know this post was boring hehe.Thaks for reading :)


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