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A. H. Nasution

   The full name of A.H Nasution is Abdul Haris Nasution.He was born in Kotanopan,Sumatera Utara on 3 Desember 1918.In the year of 1937 he was be a teacher on Bengkulu,but as time goes by he was interested on political and military,so he joined military training and became military officers at KNIL.Then,after the independence day of Indonesia he joined Indonesia Military and be military officers.

   On 1 October 1965 some people who said them G30S troops was kidnap 7 military officers and killed them.But,one of seven military officers was saved that is A.H.Nasution,but he loss his daughter.At 1955 he became KSAD.Then,in the year 1986 he stopped at military and political and begin to be a writer.The book who writed by Nasution is "Masa Kebangkitan Orba dan Masa Purnawirawan","Pokok-Pokok Gerilya", and ''Sekitar Perang Kemerdekaan"

   On 1993 he was sick.Then he was stroke and coma and he was passed on 6 September 2000 at Jakarta.Then he was buried on Kalibata Heroes Cemetery,Jakarta Selatan.
   He was people that persistent,intelligent,and creative i think.he can resolve some problem with a good idea.So we have to imitate him,that we should be persistent,intelligent,and be creative.And we should continue his and other fighters struggle as the next generation of Indonesia then, do not waste predecessor's struggle.

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