Selasa, 04 April 2017

Name : Spika Virginia P
Class   : X IPA 10

Learning From Nature

  Now,so many people do not realized that nature is important and maybe some people destroy the nature. Human beings are not masters or stewards of nature but human are friends of nature.And we can learn many good things from nature. 
  First,we can learn from moon and stars.A night sky without stars looks curtailed while without a moon is unfinished. But when both of them accompany each other.So,you can realize that however important you might be,You need someone to complete you.
  As we know that ocean is very spacious,right?.The vast ocean can’t exist without each particle of water.From there,we knows that each human being play it’s part in humanity and we are all one small part of the greater whole.
   When you look at the mountains, another majestic creation of god, the first thought that strikes is its strength and determination to aim high. These gigantic structures help you discover that impossible is nothing, if you are strong mentally there is nothing that’s going to cease you from achieving success.So,we can learn from mountains that dream high and be determined to achieve it and if you’re strong mentally there is nothing that’s going to cease you from achieving success.We should think that impossible is nothing.
  We can learn a good things from butterfly too.we can learn that Strong determination and grit is Often the necessity of dreaming and fulfilling Reviews those dreams. Failure strikes hard always and we need a strong mindset to regain ourselves to overpower its effects. At such times we can look forward to learn from one small creature - the butterfly. Butterfly is the most fragile mortal existing. It has a long journey of struggles the which starts from it coming out of the cocoon till turning out into beautiful life filling the world with colors. At every stage it falls in the face of the ground, yet every time it rises and tries to shine bright. It Teaches us that "within you is the power to rise above any situation or struggle, and transform into the Brightest, Strongest version of you ever!".

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